Born in Kyoto in 1954 , Ugetsu started his series of silkscreen works early in 1980s.

FUJINZU was selected at Philadelphia Print Center  international annual as  The Jacqueline and  Jay Zemel award in 1988.    At 12th Cracow international print biennial in 1988 , his silkscreen series MORPHEUS was exhibited at Gallery Of Modern Art Katowice . He has been awarded many other  prizes  since.

Now living  in the mountain place near  Tokyo , he is concentrating on the large abstract drawings  by his own brushes made from natural plants. Some works are on the folding screens or on the fusuma (Japanese  traditional  papered partitioning as an art ).   In  2019  his drawings on the folding screens and fusuma were used in the  Italian automobile Fiat 120 years anniversary movie.

 “Striking forms which have the power and rhythm of brush strokes , stand out on the black background as if floating in space”   (The Tokyo American Club  Exhibition review 1994)   

“When we are moved by the works of Ugetsu, we are literally experiencing a resonance between his lines and the lines piercing through our inner life. ”                             ( Atsushi Tanikawa,  art  critic 2019)